Scale model cockpit FPV

cool scale cockpit video

Funny Zoo Snap

man enjoys elephant My wife noticed this in the family archives.

RC Nitro motorcycle racing

rc motorcycle Motorcycle racing in Lilliput.

Manned RC Multicopter

manned multicopter
Here’s an RC multicopter big enough to ride on!

Make: Talk 004

make: Talk 004
I had a fun time talking to Mark Frauenfelder in episode 4 of his new podcast, Make: Talk!

One Man Basement Band

one man band
I feel like I could be getting more mileage out of my right foot.


liberty vintage motorcycles An Etsy portrait. Thanks, Danny.

Tequila Sleeve

tequila the champs
Champs sleeve

Wolf-Stelzer Book Lamp

Book Lamp
My friend Tess just made the cover of ReadyMade with her cool lamp design.

Tree Stump Bug

Can this be for real? The design is so awesomely Thunderbirds. Via

The Nothing Box

nothing box


Thunderbirds are go
Are Go!

Command Center

command center
Sweet assemblage spaceship’s bridge.

Four Drano’s

Watch the sink slowly, all but disappear from the design .

Toothpaste Aerosol

toothpaste aerosol
Aerosol toothpaste

Archive for May, 2007

Needle Anaglyph

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

this image is set up for right eye RED glasses. Stereo nerds! Pull out your 3D glasses. After I was done photographing some dirt under my stereo microscope the other day, it occured to me that I might be able to make some 3D micrographs. I took one shot through each eyepiece of the microscope […]

Is This a Meteorite?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

They’re falling all the time

You see, just becuase you’re not awakened at night by a crashing sound, then wander into the living room to see a smoking crater in the floor and a hole in your ceiling that you could drop a refrigeratior through, doesn’t mean that a meteorite didn’t land on your house.

How to Make Concrete Steps

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Got a spot that needs a set of concrete steps? Readymade wood stair stringers make great, easy forms for small concrete stair jobs. Intended for use as a structural part of wooden staicases, they also save you the brainwork of figuring out the proper rise and run when bulding forms for concrete steps. I’m sure […]


Friday, May 4th, 2007

There is looking at life’s debris (see finkbuilt masthead), and then there is encapsulating it in one-inch diameter clear plastic balls and selling it in gumball machines. D.C. junkman/artist Christopher Goodwin does the latter with his wonderful Trashball! project. Mail Order Trashballs If you’re not in the D.C. area (currently the only city that has […]