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Bad Sign?

no parking

Don’t get me wrong, I love road signs. I respect their clean layouts and clear typography, I dig their spartan utilitarian design aesthetic, and I usually appreciate their concise and meaningful content. But this parking sign from Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood cost me 45 hard-earned ones.

I hate it.

What’s your interpretation?

Would you park here for an hour on a Tuesday at 8:00 pm?

How about on a Sunday?

15 Responses to “Bad Sign?”

  1. Matthew Says:

    That’s really weird. I routinely park in those spots after 6pm without trouble. Are you going to take this one to a judge?

  2. Joshua Conner Says:

    Yes and yes. What was the ticket for? Please take this to court.

  3. TJIC Says:

    I’d park there in either of the two cases you give.

    We’ve got new signs in my neighborhood:

    All Night Parking Prohibited 9pm – 6am.

    A simple “Parking Prohibited 9pm-6am” is what they actually mean.

  4. Nils Says:

    I have no car nor a licence but yes. After six I would. Or does it mean it’s tow away all the time, except for 30 minutes between those hours? I don’t get it. It’s a confusing one this.

  5. Steve Says:


    I guess that I will go visit the magistrate about it.

    I once learned the hard way that you dont want to let any parking ticket issues go unaddressed.

    One Sunday morning, I was riding my Vespa to the video rental store in Bellilngham, Wa. where I worked at the time.

    I was late, and ran through an extremely yellow light. Just as I was getting off the scooter to go into work (in front of all of my co-workers) a cop pulled up next to me with lights-a-blazing.

    I was cuffed and hauled off to jail.

    It turns out that there was a warrant out for my arrest because I had forgotton to pay a parking ticket.


  6. MT Says:

    gar! I hate these multi-restriction signs. We have so many of these in SF (some with 3 or 4 restrictions). But after years of living in the City, I’ve learned that “tow away” trumps all stated hours. Sorry you got burned. That sucks.

  7. Dan Says:

    Sadly I must agree with MT.
    My rule in life is : if in doubt, don’t trust the buggers to sting ya!
    The mere thought of being towed away ( although not too common in Australia) would send me runnin’!
    Love ya’ site.
    How’s the Uke

  8. Willi Says:

    I’m not that smart, but I think the sign simply means:

    30 minute Load and Unload Zone from 7 to 6 except Sundays and Holidays.

    “Would you park here for an hour on a Tuesday at 8:00 pm?” Yes.

    How about on a Sunday? Yes.

  9. Mcewan Says:

    Ouch! Sorry about that fine. Let us know if you recover the $45 plus the satisfaction of an agreement from the court that you were there legally.

    Where are those spring-loaded handcuffs when you need them most?

    Great site.

  10. Garrett Says:

    That sign hurts my brain. When does it become a tow-away?

  11. Robert Says:

    You must fight this one.

    The sign has clear guidelines stated for when the regulations are valid and as the ‘Tow Away Zone’ is part of a single sign, I disagree with MT that Tow Away trumps all other parts. It is simply the method of punishment applied at violation of the other conditions.

    The thing is, tickets are written by people and people make mistakes. Actually, parking wardens and meter maids probably fall into another class of incompetency altogether – somewhere just above security guards and homeland security police.

    People don’t usually want to be bothered to take time off to go to court over 45 bucks but I would do it on principal.

    Besides, no one should disrespect your BMW like that.


  12. wahikes Says:

    Interesting… I park in these all the time after the times listed.

    Your exact sign is shown on Seattle’s Parking Zones site:

    “A load zone is a type of curb use that restricts a portion of the curb for loading and unloading activities. [...] Some load zones are in effect only for certain hours (such as 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.) while others have no hours posted and are in effect 24 hours a day. The sign for each load zone will have specific information for that load zone posted.

    Loading and unloading activities are not the same as parking, and load zones should not be used for parking. Using a load zone for anything other than it’s intended purpose can result in a fine. ”

    So they mention that “load zones should not be used for parking”, but say that your particular load zone is only “in effect” for the posted hours.

    Seems like you’re in the clear to me.

  13. Aunt Paula Smith Says:

    MIke got a ticket near the Cubano coffee place there a year or so ago. I will forward your blog to him but wanted to be the first to tell you. He fought it on basis of tourism, I think. He had taken Julie there after a SeaTac run.
    How you all doing?

  14. Denis Says:

    To me it says:

    You can only load/unload there. You can do it only between 7am and 6pm for a max of 30 mins. Out of those hours any day, all day Sunday and Hol. it’s a tow away zone… but this is after studiyng the sign for about 5 minutes. If I was there and needed to park there quickly, I’d probably get fined too.

  15. Brendan Vaughn Says:

    I would have parked there too. Too bad you missed your appt with the magistrate!