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Free Tarantulas


For far too long now, the pet preference discussion has revolved around a couple of mammal groups. Are you a cat person, or a dog person? Well, it turns out that there is actually a third major sphere of animal people out there.

Tarantula people.

For evidence, just read through some of the threads over on the Arachnoboards forum. There you will find all sorts of usefull information relating to all aspects of tarantula husbandry, from proper housing and feeding to courtship and breeding. This is a devoted and growing bunch of spider nuts dedicated expanding understanding about an ever-increasing number of captive-bred tarantula species, preventing them from extinction, and making them available to the arachnophiles of the world.

Tarantulas are the future

Yes, it won’t be long now before everybody has a tarantula or two. I’m sure that it’s already big in Japan, so if you want to stay ahead of the curve, there is no better time than now to get in on the action. Yep, you’re going to need a tarantula soon.

Well as luck would have it, I am now accepting applications to adopt these 2 absolutely gorgeous unsexed, sub-adult tarantula specimens! That’s right, these 2 adorable, docile, fuzzy giant spiders are looking for a new home.

The spider at the top of the page is a Brachypelma albopilosum, also known as the curly-haired tarantula.

The bottom one is a Brachypelma vagans, a truly docile and lovely bug. You may have noticed that this spider only has 7 legs. Yes, it’s true. The leg was lost in a skin-shedding mishap, but rest-assured it the leg will regenerate, magically reappearing after the next molt.


Adopt a tarantula today

If you would like to adopt one of these fuzzy friends, just complete the following checklist, then leave a comment to this post that describes your interest in tarantulas, and affirms your desire to adopt one:

  • Research tarantulas and their care thoroughly.
  • Don’t be a creep who just wants to have a scary bug.
  • Be someone who is truly interested in these beautiful, interesting animals

That’s it!

Successfull candidates will need to payPal me a $20 USPS Express delivery charge. I would prefer to send them to the Western United States only, to reduce the chances of loss during transit. Shipping may be delayed for cold weather.

After a few weeks or so, depending on interest level, I will close comments to new applicants and send out spiders.

So, who wants a tarantula?

Update: Both spiders have been spoken for. Thank you Boing Boing!

31 Responses to “Free Tarantulas”

  1. pete moss Says:

    so, pardon my ignorance, but how the fudge do you prepare a tarantula to be sent through the mail? surely all that jostling will at least make ‘em car-sick if not completely DEAD.

  2. Steve Says:


    First you sit them down and explain to them frankly that they are going on a long trip, and that you might not see them for a while.

    Once they get used to that idea, you just pop them into a snug little deli-cup that you get at the grocery store, pack em in with some moist paper towels, and they just hang out for the ride.

    The Deli cup goes into an isulated box, all adorned with stickers with “this side up” and pictures of thermometers, and “live invertibrates, DO NOT DELAY” and all sorts of warnings like that.

    When they arrive at their new home, they will be in fine shape, save for a big bald spot on their abdomens, where they kicked off some hair in a vain attempt do defend against their abduction.

    They’ll be fine.

  3. jacob Says:

    why are you selling them?

  4. Mike Says:

    I had a rose haired tarantula for about 11 years. I love the things, but unfortunately wouldn’t be able to take one of these guys right now (plus I live in Boston and shipping would be fairly horrible right now!). It was my experience that tarantulas can deal with heat changes a lot better than many scorpions though.

    Good luck finding these guys homes – they’re great pets if you want them more than just a freak show.

  5. Chris Says:

    Are these species not found in pet stores? Are they rare or expensive? or not sold to the public usually?

    I’ve owned a rose hair tarantuala, and although I never learned its latin name, nor where they come from, I feel im a good pet owner.

    Although my tarantula did finally escape.

  6. Jason Says:

    I’d be very interested in taking both off of your hands. I’ve been caring for tarantulas for over 7 years. In the past I’ve had everything from a rose hair to a cobalt blue and everything in between. Feel free to email me with any questions you have.


  7. -ck- Says:

    Overnight deliveries do not do direct city-to-city air flight.
    They all fly to a central hub and then back out again.
    That poor creature will be in for a heck of a ride.

    Why not sell local through craigslist so you can meet and judge the person first?

  8. Jon Says:

    I used to have a rose haired too. I loved it, and now that i have a son, he most likely will be jumping on the tarantula band wagon. I would take one if not both in if i didn’t like in Chicago for two reasons. A: shipping in chicago is unpredictable, and gets delayed often, which led to the demise of a lovely pair of roaches i had sent to me. B: I’m not sure if proper temperature precautions would be met on a trip to the midwest. keep me in mind though.

  9. Scott Says:

    A rose hair makes a great pet for kids. My son has had his for just under a year now and loses interest in it periodically but always is drawn back to it. Especially when its devouring a cricket.

  10. Francis C Says:

    Send the spider to me! I would be very interested in taking it. I plan on sauteing it with some garlic and olive oil and some sun-dried tomatoes. Maybe some ffffttt fffftttt ffftttttt Fava beans and a nice chianti..

  11. allena hansen Says:

    I have a 40 acre ranch bordering the Sequoia National Forest up here in the Southern Sierras where tarantulas (albeit a somewhat smaller species,) are both indigenous and rife. I frequently abduct wanderers from the middle of the road before they are squished, and relocate them in the oak groves. If you would like to consider setting your guys free, I’ll be glad to transition them for you.
    Alternately, have you contacted your local vets? They often can find competent adoptive parents for loved pets.

    Good luck!

  12. Molly Says:

    So sorry you have to give up your pets.
    My rose-haired Rosie died a couple of years ago, after about 12 years with us. I bought her from a breeder when she was an eensie-weensie spider. I still have her cage all set up, with a nice burl of driftwood to climb on… Rosie excavated the vermiculite under it and made a really nice cave with a back-door exit. The cage is a fine wire-mesh, and suitable for climbing on with no danger of damage to the tiny foot-claws. I know where to get crickets and have a house all ready for them too! Let me know if I can take one of your pets off your hands. How old are they? And where do you live now?
    Good luck!

  13. hank Says:

    To the person who suggested it — Don’t let pets loose. Pets can introduce diseases into wild populations. It’s not kindness, even if they can survive in a very wrong environment, to risk the problems.

    I adopted a red-leg some years ago from someone online who was planning to move away and leave her in his backyard in San Francisco (sigh). Nice animal, who lived many years. Takes study and attention and preparation.

  14. Trevor Says:

    I would love to adopt one of your tarantulas. I’m a college student in Colorado and have had a great intrest in tarantulas since I was around four years old. I’ve always had a great intrest in entomology.I would have bought a Mexican redknee (Brachypelma smithi) years ago, but the only pet stores near hear charge outrageously high prices for tarantulas that appear to be sick and or dying. I have “spider sat” friends tarantulas and have all the necessary knowledge to take wonderful care of either of them. Please let me know either way.

  15. faith Says:

    Although I’m not interested in your tarantulas, I agree with a previous comment that you should not ship them. You never know what can happen with delays or what not. Please try to give them up for adoption close to where you live, or only arrange for adoption with someone who is willing to physically come and get them.

  16. Tristan Says:


    I have three and going on to four. I have two rosehairs and one eensy bitsy pinktoe. The pinktoe is my favorite because, aside from her pink feet, she’s blue metallic! Altough I’d love to take on a new spider, I’m a bit skeptical about shipping live animals.

    I totally agree with you about tarantulas being great pets, I’m holding one of mine right now. She says hi.



  17. katrina Says:

    Q. what is it called when a bunch of big hairy spiders tumble down the side of a mountain?
    A. a tarantulanche.
    get it?
    i made that one up myself.

    i will take them if you don’t find another, closer home. and i will tell them jokes every day.
    p.s. i am in new mexico. not sure where you are.

  18. John D. Says:

    My daughter is 9 and is in love with all things arachnoid. I have a screened top 20 gal. long aquarium all site up for a new spider. We have an annual event across the river at Purdue University called the Bug Bowl that has enthralled my 3rd grader. So if you would like to make a little girls year please send either one to me. I promise we would research the care and feeding of same with all the vigor we put into anything else we do for our little girl. She has two much older brothers and is home alone with us and would love a pet.

  19. Esteban Cervantes Says:

    the only pet I’d had would be a tarantula, I’m really obsessed with them, I even think I can communicate with my little friends, some spiders at my bathroom. so please make one happy.

  20. Rob Callahan Says:

    In 18 years, I’ve only ever lost one spider – an adolescent Citharischius – crawshayidue to power outage in February. I’ve raised many from spiderling to adult. They will have a good home with me.

    I’ve also penned the short story, The Tarantula King.

    I live in Minnesota and will not accept them until the weather gets consistently warm. Should be late March or early April. If you’ll hold them that long, I’ll take care of them.

    Out of curiosity, do you know their ages and have you seen any indications of gender?

  21. Rob Callahan Says:

    In 18 years, I’ve only ever lost one spider – an adolescent Citharischius crawshayi – due to power outage in February. I’ve raised many from spiderling to adult. They will have a good home with me.

    I’ve also penned the short story, The Tarantula King.

    I live in Minnesota and will not accept them until the weather gets consistently warm. Should be late March or early April. If you’ll hold them that long, I’ll take care of them.

    Out of curiosity, do you know their ages and have you seen any indications of gender?

  22. Dan L Says:

    What CK said: have you tried getting them adopted in Seattle
    first, before opening adoptions up to the entire world? Do you
    need to get rid of them quickly?

  23. Matt Says:

    I think it’s great that there are so many people out there who are willing to provide a good home for your tarantulas.

    That said, and with all due respect, let me just speak for the irrationally arachnophobic lurkers like myself:

    ssssshhhhhhuuuuuddddddddddddderrrrrrr heeby-jeeby heeby-jeeby heeby jeeby eeeeeek omigod they’re all over me.

    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. I’m going to go sit shivering in a corner with a baseball bat now, in case there’s some sort of tarantula native to Wisconsin I hadn’t heard about that might be crawling around my apartment.

  24. Alexander Kjerulf Says:

    I agree with Matt, and I would be willing to paypal you the 20$, if you promise NOT to send those tarantulas to me :o)

  25. KJ Vezino Says:

    You have 2 beautiful tarantulas, it is too bad you have to get rid of them. I would gladly take good care of both of your beauties for you. I live near Omaha, NE.

    I started researching tarantulas in 2000 to overcome my mild phobia of them. After reading eveything I could about them at the local library and online I was absolutely hooked! I received first tarantula (G. rosea) as a gift from my wife in 2002. It molted as a male and I got a second G. rosea. The second one also molted as a male and I sent him off for breeding this past fall. I currently have an E. campestratus that I have raised since it was a 1″ spiderling in 2002. She is now a mature female and 5″. I am a member of the American Tarantula Society and a subscriber to Arachnoculture Magazine. My thirst for knowledge about these wonderful creatures is never quenched. I have a want list of species that is a mile long. (OK, maybe not that long). I plan on going to the local reptile swap in a couple months and purchasing about 4 more Ts. Your’s would be a welcome addition to my menagerie. I also have 2 woodhouse toads and a bearded dragon. My kids love them. I have a darling picture of 3 year old daughter holding my E. campestratus, email me and I’ll send it to you if you want to see it.

    I have experience packaging and shipping Ts through the mail, so if you select me I can give you some pointers on how to pack them up safely.

    Whether you select me or not, I hope you are able to find a loving home for your beloved pets. Good Luck!

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    [...] If you would like to adopt one of these fuzzy friends, just complete the following checklist, then leave a comment to this post that describes your interest in tarantulas, and affirms your desire to adopt one: [...]

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