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It’s your surveillance state


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re always on camera? Well if you don’t, you should, because you are.

But before you get too worked up about it, set those fears of creeping fascism, and tinfoil hat conspiracy theories aside for a moment and put Big Brother to work for you.

Last month I got a call from a co-worker who was standing in the parking garage about a block away, where we both park our cars. ”Dude, I think somebody just nailed your car. Blue BMW 2002? Plate number blah blah blah?….Yeah…” By the time I had finished working on what I had to get done before I went home, I had already calmed down from my initial shock and anquish, and really just had a sort of morbid curiosity about the damage, along with some sadness for my car and myself, since I don’t carry collision insurance on that car, and it was likely to cost me alot of money.


Among the debris next to my car there was a hub cap. I didn’t recognize the logo on the hucap, but as I relayed the details of the event over IM, one friend told me that it was an early nineties Mazda, and another ponted me to the hubcaps.org site, where you can find every hubcap imaginable along with some useful meta data.

So, I knew that the slimy, piece of spineless, irresponsible scum, otherwise known as the hit and run driver, had a thing for the 93-97 Mazda MPV minivan.


The following day I printed out a picture of a typical 93-97 Mazda MPV, along the following report and gave a copy to both the parking garage management, and to the head of security in the office building where I work:

Incident Description:

March 9, 2005

Buttler Garage, 9th floor South.

My car was backed into a parking space, there was a dark colored vehicle backed into the space to the left of my car when I left it there at 12:00pm.

I got a call at about 5:15 pm from a friend who was leaving the garage and noticed that my car had been hit. Near my damaged car, I found a hubcap which is from a 95-97 Mazda MPV Minivan. The cap is definitely from the vehicle that hit my car.

The Mazda is Dark green, blue or black in color, as some of its paint was left on my car. The Mazda will be missing its right rear wheel cover, unless it has since been replaced. Some cars of this year and model had two-tone paint, with the lower panels being silver, some did not.

If you can find out any information about this vehicle by either reviewing you security tapes or reviewing the makes and models of cars that are associated with parking permits, please contact me.


Steve Lodefink
Walt Disney Internet Group
Smith Tower

office: 206 xxx xxxx
Home: 206 xxx xxxx

That description was enough to convince the security people at my office building to spend a little time going through the previous afternoon’s tape from the security camera that they have pointed over toward the entrance to the garage. Sure enough, a dark-colored MPV-looking minivan comes rolling out of the garage just before 3 pm, and it is missing the right rear hubcap ( top photo in post ).

That pinpointed the time that the minivan left the garage, which made the security person over at the garage much more willing to look at the previous day’s archives from their 2 cameras. I was able to get copies of all 3 videos. On one sequence, you could almost make out the license plate number of the van as it left the building. Using an advanced, multi-frame interpolation and analysis technique that I learned over at the NSA, ( in other words, I just squinted ) I was able to determine the license plate with a reasonable amount of certainty.



A check on the plate number did indeed reveal that it belonged to a dark green 1995 Mazda MPV.

The registered owners name, address and telephone number was appaently very usefull to my insurance company in tracking the driver down, because today they sent me a check for the full amount of the damages minus the $100 deductable for my uninsured motorist coverage.

Some confused readers have commented, so here is a slight clarification:

After several phone calls and attempted personal visits, I was not able to contact the owner, so I finally asked my insurance company to look up their insurance company, in order to determine if I would be eligable for compensation under my uninsured motorist coverage (get this if you dont have it, it is really cheap). I can only assume at this point that the Mazda driver did not have liability insurance, otherwise my insurance company would not have paid out for uninsured motorist damages.

65 Responses to “It’s your surveillance state”

  1. vladimer kerchenko Says:

    Aawwwwesum! Thats some great sleuthing work gum-shoe! One has have admire your tenacity and get-up-and-go-ousity….. way to go.

  2. alp Says:

    looks to be another woman driver doesn’t it……..

  3. vladimer kerchenko Says:

    i dunno Alp… it looks more like some kind of freaky chihuahua to me….. seriously.

    (by the by… isn’t ‘finkbuilt’ sposed to be a misogyny free zone?)

  4. vladimer kerchenko Says:

    dude! that driver looks like somesorta freakish alien character straight out of ‘men in black’…. this could explain alot of things…. like maybe it was hatched or transported through space and re-materialized inside the Mazda MPV and had a hard time learning how to handle this earthly mobile and wiped out Finkbuilt’s 2002 in the process of gaining the wits needed to drive a car as an earthling…. all i know is the driver of that car as depicted in the photo sure aint human!!

  5. ericke Says:

    I’m with alp on this one, Had to be a women driver, no offense to all women that actually know how to drive.

  6. Tian Says:

    I am very glad that you have tracked down the responsible party in this incident.

    Early March, I have witnessed a tow truck driver damages a vehicle and tried to leave the scene:


    I still don’t know if the vehicle’s owner saw the photos I captured or not…

  7. Charles Says:

    Thanks, you are my new hero for the next 15 minutes. This is so incredibly cool, it made me giddy just to think about it. You worked the system, and made it pay off properly.

    Yahoo! Kudos!

  8. J Houston Says:

    How did you look up the driver’s information from their license plate?
    That’s private information.

  9. Brian Says:

    That was a great story. Did you ever get to talk to the woman? If there is ever a confrontation…er…conversation…Please do an update post.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, I park in that garage!

    The other day while parking there, I hit someone pulling into a very thight spot. It was a brand new Volvo SUV (parked over the line). It did not look cheap.

    My heart was pounding. I thought I was screwed. Of course, I was going to leave my insurance info, and I knew it would cost me. I got out to peek at the damage….

    Saved! I’d appearantly hit their tire with my bumper! Minor scrape on my bumber, no damage to the brand new Volvo but a tiny scuff on the tire. I was off the hook.

    So that’s my exciting Butler garage hit-and-run story.

  11. Seando Says:

    Right on, Magnum!

  12. Richard Lemon Says:

    Did you really have to make all that effort? (I know it’s cool and geeky) But, your insurance company would pay the claim in any event (minus the deductible). They would then go after the driver themselves if they could find them. So you may have saved the insurance co some hassle, but your car would still have been fixed without all the trouble.

  13. Adam Says:

    That’s pretty amazing I have to say… unfortunately not all parking lots have security cameras though, and people driving these huge minivans and SUV’s with so many blindspots, make these types of accidents likely. My dad’s BMW got a dent in the hood from valet parking it; we figured that someone had backed up an SUV in the space before it… and backed up just a little too far. I believe insurance covered it as a hit and run, but it would’ve been nice if it could have been blamed on the people who did it.

  14. BenOfBellevue Says:

    There is more satisfaction in mysteries personally solved than those by an anonymous insurance investigator.

  15. Noctanter Says:

    After going through all that work, why didn’t you make a claim with the driver’s insurance company? You would have gotten 100% of cost to fix it, plus a full rental reimbursement. Also, you would have avoided a claim with your own insurer that will now count against you one your rates if a claim is later made against you. Good job on the detective work, Kojak, but you’re a doof on claims handling.

  16. WryCatcher Says:

    You have watched way too much CSI…

  17. Rossta Says:

    Hitting a classic BMW 2002 in a public garage, UNFORGIVABLE.

    Having the audacity to try run, DEPLORABLE.

    Catching the person red-handed and reporting them to their insurance company, INSPIRING!

    Receiving a check in the mail covering all damages, (less the $100 deductable) PRICELESS!!!!!!

  18. monajeff Says:

    i endorse the destruction of expensive vehicles, as long as their ruling class owners aren’t inside them. i don’t think the person driving the mazda should have been punished in any way, because people who drive bourgeois toys like bmw vehicles or suvs, deserve whatever they get.

    in conclusion, spend your money on something worthwhile, and get a real job. thank you.

  19. patrick Says:

    From the looks of that security camera still, one of your failed Disney cartoon characters jacked a minivan in a desperate attempt to escape to the free world.

  20. Dillon Rinker Says:

    Gotta agree with Richard Lemon here. Your insurance company should have paid out for uninsured motorist collision regardless of your investigative work; that’s the whole point of insurance. You’ve got a cool story right up to the last paragraph, wherein it is revealed that all your efforts were for nought, and that you could have filed a claim and then spent your time fishing with the exact same financial results. Betcha $50 that the insurance company ignored the information you provided.

    I look forward to chapter two of your epic, wherein you track down the villain and rain wrath and vengeance upon them. (Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the Acts of Gord…)

  21. morcheeba Says:

    Monajeff- I was puzzled, too, when I read that there was no insurance on the BMW because I also own a model year 2002 BMW and I’ve got lots of insurance. But, no, as Rossta noticed, I’m sure that the car was a very old (mid 70′s) model 2002 – nice cars, but hardly luxury. The Mazda is probably 20 years newer and lots more expensive.

    Yeah, you’ve got a good point. I think you’re uniquely qualified to judge how other people spend money, and your frame of reference is the absolute truth. Just don’t let me catch you buying a lotto ticket or eating meat – you’ll get what you deserve.

  22. Rob Carlson Says:

    The proper action there would be to file a claim with HER insurance company, thus saving you the deductible. When my street-parked car got sideswiped hit by a erratic driver, a neighbor out walking his dog got the plate number and handed it to me on a piece of paper along with her side mirror.

    The police officer on the scene ran the tags and gave me her name, address, and Geico insurance policy number. I filed a claim over the phone with them for the damage after she turned herself in the next day at the police station (Hit and run is less penalty than DWI, draw your own conclusions).

    I had my car appraised at their shop a few blocks away and they paid out my full repair amount the next week. My insurance company didn’t want to know about it, and with a full payout by someone else, nothing got reflected in my account with them.

  23. Steve Says:

    Richard, Dillon


    How would my insurance company have gone after the driver if they didnt know who to go after? I’m kind of an insurance claim novice, but I was advised that you cannot claim uninsured driver, unless you can find the driver.

    Anyway, geez don’t burst my bubble.


  24. Steve Says:


    I tried to contact the Mazda driver but I was not able to , so I could not file a claim against her insurance company. I turned it over my Insurance company as a last resort. They have access to investigative tools that I do not.


  25. Rob Carlson Says:

    In Maryland I believe the state can take away your license plates and tow your car if you let your insurance coverage lapse even for a day.

  26. Steve Says:

    Just wanted to point out that the owner’s vehicle is likely not a “snobbish” 2002 model year BMW, but rather the uber-cool BMW 2002 series made back in the mid-seventies. Although not expensive, these cars are highly sought after collectibles and cherished by their lucky owners

  27. mick Says:

    Did you report this to the police?

    This IS a hit and run.

    Also, you should sue the owner in small claims court for the $100.00 just because they are so damn wrong. Of course it will probably cost you a heck of a lot more to lose a day to sue…oh well…

  28. vladimir kerchenko Says:


    Jeeze you are a charming sort aren’t you? Presumptious and ignorant too I might ad. A 1973 BMW 2002 is hardly a caviar-eaters car… its more akin to a 1970′s VW Bug in terms of sensibility….. so you think just because someone owns a BMW they deserve to have it smashed regardless of the person who owns it? I just bought a 10 year old BMW 540 6 speed for under $10,000 and its the most expensive car I have ever purchased, though to buy a new Subaru or some other car that is less threatening to your infantile world-view would have cost me $25,000 at least…. so I suppose I deserve to have it smashed because I prefer it to a Subaru aye? Makes sense…. if I see you eating a hamburger perhaps I will be justified in grabbing it from you and throwing it in the street and then staining your clothes for a little non-personal damage proprty damage…. you see I’m a vegetarian and I could assume the view that any fool tha eats meat deserves what they get. Yeah, I’m a far left vegetarian, former IWW union steward, former social worker, hairy, non-drinking liberal who appreciates the superiority in the machinery and engineering of my BMW… I love it and won’t hesitate to blow your hyundai driving ass away next time I cruise it at 120 mph on the open road… you silly punk. Keep spending your money on “something worthwhile” like beer dope and hamburgers…. meanwhile I will choose to by one of the finest autos the world has ever seen at a fraction of the cost of a new “less threatening” Subaru or whatever….. you see a label like BMW and yer puny lil brain can only spew some kinked neo-fascist bullshit….. you suck!

  29. vladimir kerchenko Says:


    you who advise… “gee why ddn’t you just file a claim with your insurance company” are missing the whole point of everything?? How can you even be alive??!!? golly.

  30. Domino Says:

    Doesn’t all this mean you should have purchased collision insurance to cover your fancy BMW? If you want to drive an expensive car, why not be smart enough to insure it properly?

  31. vladimir kerchenko Says:

    domino…. what part of early 1970′s $3,000 BMW don’t you understand???? geeze.

  32. bimmerboy Says:

    for all that are saying OMG how can you not insure a bmw? its a 2002. one of the coolest but defently not most expensive cars. but its not a cheap un wanted one either. for a amazingly restored , more desirable model low miles etc etc can bring maybe $15,000(excluding a turbo those will bring alot). thats hella lot for a 30 year old car with a total production number well over 500,000. its a real bmw, no computers included.

  33. thewebguy Says:

    that is amazing, i want to have a sweet sweet chase like this!

    while i hate to see kids younger than me (i’m 19) driving cars worth over $45,000, it doesn’t give me the right to hate. and you are a tool.

    don’t get too flustered, that guy’s just a punk. but a new subaru imprezza would smoke your beemer.

  34. The InsaneOx ReLoaded » Teh Interweb Rulez!!!11 Says:

    [...] tunately for him, the offending hit-and-run driver left behind a hubcap. What follows is a priceless exercise in the power of the internet: Among the debris next to my car there was a hub cap. I didn [...]

  35. SchwarzerWind Says:

    I got rear ended at a red light by a hit and run driver. Had witnesses and everything. I got squat out of it except a caved-in backend.

    Turns out his insurance had expired 11 days before he hit me. His insurance company chirpily told me they didn’t have to do a thing, and so did mine.

    And the cops didn’t care at all. Their official statement was they were going to go by the address on his liscense and “see if he’s at home or we see the car”. They said that was all they could do.

    The lesson learned? I make sure to carry whatever extra policies a company demands I need now to get any money out of them.

    Oh and I plan on beating the next guy’s ass instead of going into shock for 10 seconds, allowing him to get away.

    Good luck on your sleuthing though. Small claims court wasn’t an option for me. It’d cost me too much and I would gain pratically nothing, and the law didn’t even care about the guy as it was.

  36. autoblog.it » Il pirata beccato grazie al copricerchione Says:

    [...] dì 14 aprile 2005 alle 10:25:06 CEST da Luca Interessante il modo in cui un disegnatore di Disney si è impr [...]

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I’m with Monajeff. Why would anyone think “2002″ refers to anything other than the model year? Unless their minds are controlled by appearance, of course. Oh, a classic 70′s model you say. Why didn’t you say that in the first place? And all this “sleuthing” just to find out who dented a car? Give me a break. It’s just a piece of metal, people.

    This is a terrible arguement if it’s supposed to be in favour of big brother.

  38. Sunshine Says:

    Vladimir, you’re my hero. I couldn’t have said that better if I tried.

    Steve, great story, I would have done the same thing.

  39. Jojo Says:

    Ha! I have a similar story.

    Last year, I was visiting a business unloading some things. While I was inside, a woman in a red BMW backed into my rear door and then just drove away. She made a nice dent and scrape.

    Unfortunately for her, someone from the business was on a balcony talking on a cellphone. He came in and told me he thought my car had been hit. While he didn’t get the plate, he knew the car parked there everyday and he knew who drove it. And he was willing to be a witness I needed it (and I didn’t even know the guy).

    However, the BMW wasn’t there the next day or the one after that but he thought he knew what office in the complex she worked at. But when I went there the next week, I found that the company had moved last week. Who woulda thunk? But they were nice enough to leave an address of their new location on the door, which was about 2 miles away [lol].

    I drove over there looking for the car as described (red BMW 530). Found it. It had a dent and scrapes on the bumper that would have matched the point of contact as she backed out and drove away. And some paint on the bumper matched my car color. I took a digital photo and went back to the old location to show the witness. Is this the car? Yup!

    So off to the local police station where I showed the photo to the officer who took the hit and run report. He looked up the plate and said he would contact her.

    About a week later, I got a call from him. With a witness to back to me up, she admitted to the crime and the officer convinced her to pay all costs for repairing my car. It came to a little over $1700! Had I chosen, I could have filed a complaint against her and dragged her into court where she might have gotten her license suspended and/or a bigger fine, plus had to pay to fix my car or at least cover the deductible ($500).

    These days, you never know when a camera or someone is watching. If you mess up, do the right thing.

  40. Mad Flyer Says:

    Got a hit’n’run too in the parking for my 98′ Audi A4.

    Luckily it was just on the front left bumper which is in strangely flexible plastic. So damages were limited to a huge paint scrap and a destroyed turning light (crushed by the pressure of the bumper)

    me so want(ed) to kill… The paint (laser red) is the only quality of this fscking car… Luckily again Audi did a pretty good job matching the fresh color with the slightly sun-faded one on the remaining of the frame.

  41. stone Says:

    Some woman parked behind my car ran right into the back of mine. I was sleeping at the time. She called her insurance company and said I must have backed into her car at some point because she “found” damage on her hood. Too bad for her I go to school 1 mile away and never, ever drive my car. It stays there for weeks at a time. Cops dropped the case and I said hell with it and decided not to file a complaint against her.

  42. Daredevil42 Says:

    Unfortunately, insurance companies will not pay on UM claims for hit and runs–you have to be able to identify the other driver.

    The fact that his insurance co. paid for it means that the Mazda driver was uninsured.

  43. Don Says:

    You can’t find a more “it’s just a car” person than me (I bought my my now 12 year old Miata when it was 7 years old and at $7,000 it’s the most I ever paid for a car) but jeez, why is it so hard for people to understand the drive and gratification behind chasing down a wrong-doer and getting justice?

    There’s plenty of reasonably ground between “screw it, my insurance company will just pay” and an insane drive for righteous vengance against all who appear to have wroned you. I think 15 minutes worth of webwork and a note to the garage is damned reasonable.

    I also question whether all the people chiming in with authoritative statements about whether his insurance company would pay or not have any idea if he’s in a no-fault state or not and exactly what combination of no-fault and traditional liability that state uses. http://www.autoinsuranceindepth.com/state-minimums.html and http://www.autoinsuranceindepth.com/no-fault-insurance.html might be of some interest to you.

  44. Schultz Says:

    I love my 1969 ’02. And I would have done the same thing.

  45. Ollie Says:

    I don’t quite understand this story. Maybe Steve or someone can explain.

    He says he couldn’t contact the other driver, and seems to have therefore assumed the other driver was uninsured and made an ‘other driver uninsured’ claim and so paid $100 excess. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS??! If he contacted his own insurance company with the plates of an at-fault driver, they would run the plates of the other party and be able to find out whether the other driver was or wasn’t insured. The very first thing any insurance company does is investigate the other party’s cover to see if they will pay for it. That way he’d know FOR SURE if they were/weren’t insured.

    Then he’d either have been able to claim off the other driver’s insurance company if they WERE insured (=zero expense), or if it turns out they WEREN’T insured he could have either got the police involved (photographic evidence of driving whilst uninsured) or else contacted the other driver and used that threat to leverage compensation from them??

    Very cool investigation but the ending makes absolutely no sense at all :D

  46. Rich Says:

    “Why would anyone think “2002″ refers to anything other than the model year?”

    Because some bystander described the guy’s car to him as a “BMW 2002″ (and not a “2002 BMW”) over the *phone*. Why would anyone try to figure out the year of a car when they’re describing its appearance, and why would they put an adjective on the wrong side of a noun in regular conversation?

    If I told you I saw a Mazda 3 today, would you think I saw three cars?

  47. Ortiz Says:

    Responsibility for your actions is for everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, etc…..and income. …the lack of this virtue shows an unforgiven lack of character on some people….particularly those who run judgement upon those who work/study hard to have nice toys.
    Great detective work.

  48. Adam Says:

    For those criticising people who choose to buy ‘high-end’ cars… yes BMW’s are more expensive, even used ones (I can get a ’94 325i for $4500, a ’94 Ford Taurus can be had for under $2000). But despite paying a bit for the name, you’re also paying for the quality. I love my 20 year old BMW 325. It’s gone twice as far as any old Ford or Chevy could, and is very reliable- but it’s not a luxury car, it’s a sports sedan. I would feel exactly the same way, and do the same thing as the author of this blog did if my car were hit like that.

  49. daver Says:

    I had the same problem with the name of my last car. I had a 89 Olds 88 And everytime I went to a garage I always had to clarify. ” It is a 1989 olds 88″ Car Manufacturers should name them with names not numbers.

  50. keet Says:

    This happened to me where I work and I took it to the security office. They were completely unwilling to sit and watch 8 hours of tape to find the car that backed into mine.

    The guy actually said, “You know, ’cause you’d have to sit there for 8 hours to review the tape since it was during the full day.”

    I didn’t realize his digital video recorder and player didn’t come furnished with a fast forward button. Silly me to put these guys out and ask them to do their job.

    And if J Houston’s post wasn’t answered, anyone can get your name and address from your license plate by going down to the DMV and doing a title search.

  51. Cigar Jack Says:

    I don’t care what someone drives. No one deserves to have their car wrecked. The twerp who posted that is probably is the punk kid that goes to the mall and keys every care between his and the mall entrance.

  52. Simon Says:

    I looked briefly but didnt see a reply to a previous post, so I’ll pose the question again. How did you aquire driver information from their license plate? Isnt that information accessible only to law inforcement?

  53. Steve Says:


    The garage is authorized to look up that information during the course of an investigation, usually for bill collecting.

    This yielded the registered owners’ Name and Address.

    And Keet mentions in his comment that you can get this information from the DMV by doing a title search. I cannot varify this, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    This yielded the registered owners Address.

    I got the telephone number from the web (some whitepages site).

  54. vladimir kerchenko Says:

    And just what IS the reckless drivers name address & telephone number hmmm??? perhaps it would be fun if we all gave her a call! 8^)

  55. Jon Robert Quinn Says:

    This kind of thing happens all the time. Its great that we have the technology to do things like this. Youre legwork and determination gave the guy a night in jail for that, Im sure. A hit and run with no injuries is a misdemeanor (in California) punishable up to 30 days in county jail. All the guy would have had to do was be straight up and dealt with it and it would have made everybodies life a lot easier.

    My parents and brother were involved in a hit and run and my mother was injured. The other vehicle had no insurance. But instead of sitting there, my step father chased the lady several blocks at 80mph in a totaled thunderbird. We was arrested for felony hit and run. Again, if he was straight up, things would have been a lot easier for everyone. Thanks for your post.

  56. Kelly Says:

    So, I want to know if there was ever any comment from the other driver (yes, a woman I see…) Anyway, so when you attempted personal contact, did you see her? Did she act guilty? You got reimbursed, but what ever happened to her?? I’d like to know… :)

  57. Steve Says:


    I never was able to contact her. I went to the registered address a few times, but nobody was home. My telephone calls were never returned, and I stopped “stalking” her after a few days, filed a police report, and turned it over to my insurance company. Its just as well, I have these horrible visions of what might have transpired had I been successfull in making a confrontation. People seem to feel threatened quite easily.

  58. justakid Says:

    Way to go! Don’t be supprised if your friends start calling you Nancy Drew. The moral of the story: Take a Taxi.

  59. Ryan Says:

    This rocks. You should get a junior deputy badge for your sluth work.

  60. Michael Says:

    Just after midnight, while stopped at a light, I was rear-ended by a van. The offending driver wanted to avoid calling the police (said her license was suspended but said she had insurance.) Eyeing the bend in bumper of my ’80 Checker Marathon (the bumpers are built like freeway guard rails, only stronger), I wanted the cops. So, she drove off.

    I’d noticed her Pizza Hut shirt and after two days of checking area P’ Huts, I found her but she denied every seeing me or hitting my car. Also said the van in the parking lot wasn’t hers. (Scumbag punk manager backed up her story.)

    I called the cops who said they couldn’t do anything about the accident but they “investigated” the seemingly abandoned van and found a pile of her mail on the front seat. BUSTED.

    Seems her license was suspended (DUIs) but she DID have insurance (go figure) and they paid … not nearly enough to bring my clown-mobile back to full flower but the thrill of the hunt was worth something.

  61. Angel Says:

    HI. . .

    My parked my car at a mall called South Coast Plaza in Orange County California today and it was hit, the bumper is scraped pretty badly. I proceeded to the security office at the mall but was told that they do not review surveillance tapes for situations such as mine, “hit and run”. Does anyone know how I can get them to review the tapes so I can find the culprit.


  62. Lori Says:

    My husband was in the Lowes store in Charlotte on Hwy. 49 for about 30 minutes and when he came out the front end of our 2000 Dodge Durango was smashed in so bad that both airbags went out. I think he was in shock because just drove it home and didn’t call the police. He said the lady at Lowes told him it didn’t matter if he called the police right then to report the hit and fun or wait until morning. Does anyone know if our insurance company will pay for this since it was a hit and run? Naturally we still have full coverage on it.

  63. Jackerson Says:

    Raterme HI!!!!!!

  64. bunny 117 Says:

    can anyone enlighten me on how to locate the lowlife that ruined my car by edgeing into my lane while i was making a legal turn in the turning lane with the light. that took out the whole pasenger side of my car . his truck was brand new and had no plates. i took the vin # and he gave all false information as to address , insurance phone # etc. I did take his drivers license and wrote the number down myself how can I use this info to find out where the twit lives so I can have him arrested and my car repaired. P. S. a cop witnessed the accident but because no one was injured just my car so the handed over a form and split. Is there anyway I can get real name and adress for this piss ant????????? someone HELP

  65. albertjames Says:

    As long as TSA has existed, passengers have been able to fly without showing ID to government agents. Doing so would result in a secondary search (a pat down and hand search of your carry-on bag), but passengers were still permitted to board their flights. In some cases, taking advantage of this right to refuse ID came with fringe benefits–being bumped to the front of the checkpoint queue.