Scale model cockpit FPV

cool scale cockpit video

Funny Zoo Snap

man enjoys elephant My wife noticed this in the family archives.

RC Nitro motorcycle racing

rc motorcycle Motorcycle racing in Lilliput.

Manned RC Multicopter

manned multicopter
Here’s an RC multicopter big enough to ride on!

Make: Talk 004

make: Talk 004
I had a fun time talking to Mark Frauenfelder in episode 4 of his new podcast, Make: Talk!

One Man Basement Band

one man band
I feel like I could be getting more mileage out of my right foot.


liberty vintage motorcycles An Etsy portrait. Thanks, Danny.

Tequila Sleeve

tequila the champs
Champs sleeve

Wolf-Stelzer Book Lamp

Book Lamp
My friend Tess just made the cover of ReadyMade with her cool lamp design.

Tree Stump Bug

Can this be for real? The design is so awesomely Thunderbirds. Via

The Nothing Box

nothing box


Thunderbirds are go
Are Go!

Command Center

command center
Sweet assemblage spaceship’s bridge.

Four Drano’s

Watch the sink slowly, all but disappear from the design .

Toothpaste Aerosol

toothpaste aerosol
Aerosol toothpaste

The Fast Approaching Future of 1953

robotic worker

Robot Workman Assembled in 90 Days

To the astute futurists of 1953 it had already become clear that the future of manufacturing would soon involve highly automated mechanized assembly plants. These plants would be populated by robotic workers who would arrive at the factory right on schedule every day, without hangovers, place their robotic lunchboxes in their lockers in the break room, punch the clock and walk over to the tool rack, grab their soldering irons and get right to work.

At 5:00, they would get in their cars and return to the suburbs, where they would spend the evening with their robotic families.

space helmets

The near future was also going to involve a whole lot of space travel. Space play was a fun and essential part of preparing the young for their careers as astronauts, and there were plenty of cool youth helmets to choose from.

2 Responses to “The Fast Approaching Future of 1953”

  1. Phill Says:

    Ooooh, the official Captain Video helmet! Those are awesome. Why didn’t they have those when I was a kid? (Ok, they probably did, but why didn’t I have one?)

  2. Tintin Says:

    Hey Fink,

    Check out the new Scientific & Industrial store at Amazon:

    Scientific & Industrial

    Something for everyone who loves to tinker.