Finkbuilt Gallery Presents: About this exhibition
steve lodefink

The Finkbuilt Gallery is the art exhibition wing of the Finkbuilt web publishing empire.

What is this about?

It's about finding an answer to that age-old question, the one that we have all asked ourselves:

What would happen if you shipped 20 unassembled old-timey wooden fishing lure kits off to be finished by a bunch of artists? It turns out that the answer is CRANKbait! Lures of Distinction.

I hope that you enjoy the lures, and don't be shy about adding some of this tackle to your own collection.

Special Aknowlegement

In addition to all the great artists who submitted lures, I would like to thank Ragnar for doing the cool Crankbait logo illustration, which can be seen here in its original format. Thanks Coop, for posting your vintage lure collection to flickr which pushed me over the edge to lure madness. Mark, thanks for helping me rustle up great artists. Thanks Amy, for giving me the wonderful original Crehore Lure Freckled Bumblecat label.

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