Finkbuilt Gallery Presents: About this exhibition
NATALIE PARKS - Tiki Lure$200 -   Inquire


Could you tell the visitors about your Lure?

Aloha! I have enjoyed tiki culture for a long time now, and my surf band (The Mercury Four - just got done playing a tiki-themed home bar tour in Seattle, so I've seen a million tikis lately and have had lounge music on the brain for about a month and a half beforehand getting myself in the mood for the show. It just seemed right and proper to me that I made this lure 'tiki' themed. Also, being vegan, I figure this terrifying tiki god-like lure will scare all the fish away from actually swallowing it or even coming near it! At least that's my hope!

How did you end up being an artist?

Default - it's one of the few areas I have a little natural talent in.

Who are some of your greatest artistic influences?

Tikis, Tretchikoff, thriftstore paintings, Eames, vintage drawings.

What music do you have in heavy rotation right now?

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Theivery Corporation, Neko Case, lounge & surf music and Fergie.

What do you do for fun?

Hang out with my family, friends; cooking, exercising and playing the bass.

When was the last time you went fishing?

I think I was 11 or 12 years old and it was quite traumitizing b/c I caught the little thing and my dad was yelling at me to kill it by banging its head against the side of the boat and I got really upset and started crying and couldn't do it, so he had to. I didn't seem to have trouble with cooking it though.

Do you have any words of wisdom for new or aspiring artists?

1. Research is very helpful for informing your ideas, and may also inspire inspiration and new directions. 2. Be still and listen to yourself.