Finkbuilt Gallery Presents: About this exhibition
STEVE LODEFINK - Tasty Frog PrinceSold
steve lodefink

Steve Lodefink lives and works in Seattle, Washington. You can keep tabs on his projects on his silly Finkbuilt blog.

Could you tell the visitors about your Lure?

I've always had an attraction to frog-themed bass lures, so I went for a Leopard Frog spot pattern. The "licking your chops" toungue was inspired by the illustration on the packaging for the Japanese candy Milky. The crown is a reference to the old Fairy-tale about the frog who turned into a prince once he was kissed, only this time, he stays a frog, but does get a cool crown. It sort of invokes the tale of the "King Fish" as well. The King Fish was of course the original catch-n-release, who would grant wishes to his captors, conditional upon his release.

How did you end up being an artist?

Well, I don't really consider myself much of an artist. I have always dabbled in all sorts of visual media for fun.

Who are some of your greatest artistic influences?

Mid 20th century advertising illustrations and vintage paperback novel covers.

What music do you have in heavy rotation right now?

Modest Mouse, Blur, Belle & sebastian, The Sea and Cake, Devo, New Pornographers, Silver Jews, Guided by Voices, Quasi. Just a lot of indie rock. My favorite album of 2007 is Chad VanGaallen's Infiniheart.

What do you do for fun?

I like to make things and play with my kids.

When was the last time you went fishing?

Two years ago I took my 2 kids bass fishing and my son Ivan who was 5 at the time caught a largemouth bass using a blue Rapala Floating Minnow. I have never caught a bass in my life, in fact I sort of considered them a type of x-creature until 2 years ago.

Do you have any words of wisdom for new or aspiring artists?

If the fish aren't biting, try casting closer to shore. Do what you like.